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29 September 2021 - 1 October 2021
Genoa, Italy
Meet in Italy for Life Sciences 2021
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Open until 13 September 2021

FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions


How can I register to the event?

Please click on Register (green button on the right of the website), fill in the registration form and follow up the registration steps. 

Registration deadline: 20 September, 13:00

If you want to exploit the ongoing virtual meeting session Waiting for MIt4LS2021 you have the select it in the corresponding attendance page during registration or under your dashborad, Meeting/Availability.

Is it free of charge?

Yes,  the event is completely free of charge. Light lunch is offered at lunch break during the two days of MIT4LS2021 BE.

What is the meaning of "Support Office"?

"Support Office" is your local Enterprise Europe Network node organization (Chamber of Commerces, Technology Agencies, etc.) that can support your participation in the event. The choice of your Support Office is related to the region where you are geographically based. To identify your Support Office, go to the Contact page of this website and consider if you know some of the organization listed. If you do, this is the organization you will select as a Support Office in the registration form. If your region does not have a local support office, please select "I do not know my Support Office".

Can I modify my profile after registration?

Yes, you can modify your profile anytime by logging in - via the Login button or the links received via email - and modify the content already inserted. Be very careful in reducing your meeting availability after the booking phase beginning, as you can lose already asked meetings.

Why publish high quality Marketplace entries?

The Marketplace give you the opportunity to publish and promote your collaboration ideas, research and offers before and after the event: event participants but also any other web user can find and read your published profile. The better your profile, the more meetings requests you will receive!

Is it possible to insert more than one Marketplace item?

Yes, every participant can insert several profiles. You are encouraged to do so!

When will my profile be available online?

Each profile is reviewed by the organizers and, if it meets the quality criteria, it is approved and published. Otherwise, you will be contacted by the event organizer for improvement suggestions.

What should I do if I forgot my password?

Click on Forgot password? in the invitation email you have received, then check your inbox for further instructions.

What if, due to unforeseen reasons, I cannot participate in the matchmaking event?

Please let the organiser know immediately. If you have meetings scheduled, please get directly in contact with your meeting partners from the Meetings panel, and tell them that you cannot keep the appointment.
Then go the bottom of your profiel page and click Cancel participation.

If you are interested in keeping visible your profile (for about 2 years on the platform) even if you cannot attend, don't click Cancel participation, and contact the organisers. Your profile will be deactivated and put back online after the event.


How and When can I book meetings?

For the Waiting for MIT4LS2021 ongoing virtual meeting session, you can book meeting since its opening in mid September, anytime, according to the other meeting partner availability.

Regarding the physical event in September 2021, booking will open from the 06th September, 09:00 to the 21th of September 2021, 14:00.

You will be informed by email about the start of booking of the physical event.

    1. Select the link "Participants" from the main menu.
    2. Click "Request meetings" on participant profile you want to meet
    3. Meetings are automatically accepted. You have to manually reject meeting instead.

NOTE: after the 23th of September, when the preliminary agenda will be released, participants will manage meetings requests themselves, and meetings have to accepted. "Pending" meetings will not be scheduled in your agenda; it is necessary to "Accept" the meetings first.

Can I cancel a meeting request?

Yes of course. In the Waiting for MIT4LS2021 session, meetings have to be accepted by the other party. Refuse or reschedule if you want to propose alternative date and time.

For the physical event, meeting requests are accepted by default to make easier the meeting management for the organisation and also taking into account the various approaches to the event by participants. It is your duty and your best interest to check regularly your meetings and select those relevant to you, rejecting those that are not. It is in the logic of the event.

    1. In your profile, select the "Meetings" section and select the meeting you would like to cancel.
    2. Use orange link "Cancel meeting" on the left below the meeting status.

Why do I receive none or only a few meeting requests?

  • None?  

Have you activated the time slot sessions in Event Agenda or Meetings/Availability section?

  • Only a few?  

The better your profile, the more meetings requests you will receive. You might have done the registration quickly and not inserted meaningful organisation descriptions and collaboration opportunities. 

You also have to consider if you can increase your availability selecting more time slots (for the physical event brokerage sessions only)

When will I get my personal meeting schedule?

  • for the Waiting for MIT4LS2021 session, you have to accept meetings, that are added to your agenda under My Agenda and can be seen also under Meetings panel. Considering the ongoing nature of the session, there is no final agenda, just check in your personal account
  • for the physical brokerage event, on the 23th of September you will receive your PRELIMINARY meeting schedule. You can also check the Meeting section. Check your My Agenda from the corresponding section in the days before the event. Last minutes changes and cancellations are not uncommon.
  • At the Brokerage Event registration Desk you will receive your final schedule as paper copy (taking into account last minute changes and cancellations up to the morning of the day before).


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