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15 Sep 2020 - 14 May 2021
Genoa, Italy
Meet in Italy for Life Sciences 2021
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Open until 3 May 2021

Meet in Italy for Life Sciences 2021 Brokerage Event

Waiting for MIT4LS2021 - ongoing virtual meeting session

Physical brokerage event, 12-14 May 2021 - Genova

Are you interested in business, partnering and networking opportunities in the life sciences?

Then this is the right place for you!

Join the international stage at Meet in Italy for Life Sciences 2021

The brokerage event is divided into:

- an ongoing session for virtual meetings, WAITING FOR MIT4LS2021, starting from the 15th of September

- a physical networking event, taking place on the 12-14th of May 2021

WAITING FOR MIT4LS2021 is a session open up to few months before the physical brokerage event in May 2021 in which participants can request and set virtual meetings anytime from the matchmaking platform, using the platform video call conference system.

So, don't wait, catch your opportunity now and register, it is for free!

Start-up,companies, research and healthcare organisations, investors, life sciences stakeholders are welcome from the fields:

Medical devices
IT Applications for Health
Medicine, Human Health and well-being
Related value chain activities

Besides the meetings sessions (ongoing virtual and the usual face-to-face, physical meeting session on the 12-14th May 2021), registering to MIT4LS2021 brokerage event you can also enjoy the other initiatives that will take place in May 2021 during the days of Meet in Italy for Life Sciences 2021:

  • international conference: renowned experts will provide insights on the impact of biomedical technologies throughout lifetime
  • thematic workshops & keynotes will provide light on specific topics in life sciences
  • opportunities presentations: participating organisations briefly present the possible collaborations, opportunities, results, products and services
  • exhibition: have a closer look to the products and services at the stands of exhibiting organisations

See all the relevant information at http://meetinitalylifesciences.eu.


MIT4LS2021 brokerage event is a one-stop-partnering event!

Participants cover all the value chain of life sciences, from research to business & development, manufacturing, distribution, supply chain, regulatory issues, professional and consulting services, investment.

It is all there! And it is for free! 

Have a look to the continuous growth of opportunities since 2014.


Genoa, Italy

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