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29 September 2021 - 1 October 2021
Genoa, Italy
Meet in Italy for Life Sciences 2021
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Open until 13 September 2021

MIT4LS2021 Face-to-Face sessions,

29th September - 1st October 2021

Meet in Italy for Life Sciences 2021 will take place at the end of September 2021 as a physical event (hopefully). Several activites will be carried out (conference, workshops, exhibition, keynotes, organizations short presentations), the key component being the three days face-to-face, physical sessions at Magazzini del Cotone, Porto Antico - Genova.


Timing of the brokerage event is:

  • Wed 29 September 2021 11:00 - 18:30
  • Thu  30 September 2021 09:30 - 18:30
  • Fri    01 October      2021 09:30 - 12:30

Registration deadline, 20 September 2021 13:00

Meetings bookings, 06 September 09:00 - 21 September 14:00

Availabilty for meetings over the three days has to be given selecting the proper time slots under Event Agenda or Meetings/Availability participant panel.

Please remember that, for the physical event, max 2 persons for each organisation profile are allowed, i.e. 1 accompanying person (meeting settings is four seats and a table). You have to provide contact data of the accompanying person in the Organiser questions, under your profile. The availability for further persons participation should be checked close to the beginning of the event with the organisation staff.

Meeting selection

Request for meetings will open on the 06 of September, 09:00 and close on the 21 of September 2021, 14:00

Bookings are assigned based on the "First Come - First Served" principle. The longer you wait, the higher is the possibility that interesting profiles will be already fully booked.

Before entering the meeting selection phase, please check your attendance, under Event Agenda or Meetings/Availability. If you have no time slots selected you cannot ask for meeting. Moreover, and for all the booking phase, consider if you can increase your time slots availability, in order to maximise your chances of meeting.

Please remember: unlike the Waiting for MIT4LS2021 session,

- requests of meeting are given ACCEPTED by default up to the 21th of September. If you want to cancel or reject a meeting, you have to manually do it from the Meetings panel.
Check regularly your meetings during the booking phase to cancel meetings not interesting to you and to get back free time slots for other meetings.

reducing your time slots availability reduce your chances of meetings and can impact in already booked meetings. You are strongly advised to contact the organisers or your local EEN supporting office before reducing your time slots availability

- After the 21th of September, no further bookings will be possible until the first participants agenda is released, on the 23th of September.

Your meeting schedule will be set up according to the time availability you provided in Event Agenda section. For the release of the Agenda on the 23th of September,  you cannot decide the specific time of each meeting within the time frame you selected, the system will optimise all the schedules.

After the agenda release, you will be given the opportunity to arrange by yourself further meetings, they are going to be accepted and defined by the participant receiving the request.
Details will be provided when the booking will be re-opened. Publication of the meeting agenda will be notified by e-mail.

Meeting schedule

After the booking phase closure, meeting schedule will be arranged by the organisers according to the time slots availability you provided as your attendance plan. A semi-automatic scheduler algorithm optimizes the meeting schedule, taking into account the sessions availability of all participants and trying to limit the time between each meeting whenever possible. Some manual operations, done by the organisation staff, is generally needed to complete the scheduling and to try also to fulfil particular requests.

A first version of the meeting agenda will be published in your Meeting section on the 23th of September at the latest, that can be downloaded from the Agenda section. A notification e-mail regarding that will be sent to you.

You can also check your meeting agenda via the B2match app.

After the meeting agenda release, deselecting a time slot connected to a meeting in the agenda corresponds to the cancellation of that meeting. Thus be quite careful in deselecting meeting time slots.
If you need to change your schedule, you have to contact the organisers. Participants are strongly recommended to ask for changes only for really unavoidable matters.

In order to provide further opportunities of partnering, after the release of the first agenda participants will be given the possibility to requests other meeting if they have free time slots.
However, and only in that time frame, few days before the event, the meeting requests are no longer accepted by default and have to be accepted by the participant receiving the request. The meeting will have the 'Request sent - Waiting for response' status until the moment when the invited participant will accept it and choose its time slot among the available ones (those in common to the two participants and not yet engaged in other meetings).
Please, have a look here for a full description of the above mentioned mode Participants schedule meetings themselves and requests have to be accepted by participants

Please, be aware of your time availability when requesting a meeting, as requesting for a meeting implies that you are ok that the meeting will be set in whatever time slot within your availability, if accepted. That may potentially lead to some waiting times if you have wide availability. In that case, add some info in the message accompanying the request, for possible limitations or preferred time regarding the meeting setting.

As last minutes changes are not uncommon in these kind of events, your meeting schedule can change, but only within the time slots framework you provided. Please check your agenda regularly accessing the Agenda section online, that always provides the most updated meeting schedule, taking into account also last minute changes and cancellations.

As described above, if you need to reduce you time slots availabilitycontact the organisers or your local EEN supporting office in order to minimize the impact of changes, for you and for the participants involved in your meetings, i.e. meeting possible cancellations o rearrangement.

At the event

Check in at the registration desk and receive the meeting schedule updated to the day before morning.

Download the B2match app if you have a suitable devices, helping in checking schedule and getting alerts. 

Be at the Brokerage Event location at least 10 minutes before your meeting. 

Be respectful towards the other participants time and show up to all your meetings. Inform them about unforeseen circumstances and how to explore the contact anyway.

Ask for organisers support for extra-meetings you would like to set at the event, and communicate to them those already carried out not in your agenda. It is possible that during the event the booking will be opened again to allow participants managing extra-meetings directly from their profile account

The organisation and EEN co-organisation staff will be at your disposal for any question that may arise during the matchmaking event.


Genoa, Italy

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Austria 5
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Croatia 3
Denmark 2
Finland 1
France 13
Germany 5
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India 1
Ireland 3
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Italy 189
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Company (founded before 2015) 129
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Investor 11
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Consultant 27
Other 6
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